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  1. You nailed it – certainty is false security. Knowing there are aspects of your idea, plan, strategy… that you aren’t certain about lets you pay closer attention to those areas while MOVING forward. Thanks for bringing this front of mind for me!

    • admin

      Thanks for reading and commenting Dixie! I like the thought that “certainty is false security” 🙂

    • See, the problem is, we’ve gotetn lazy. Most of us are cynical about ever being successful, whether it’s in our work, life, marriages, or whatever it is we want to get out of life. That cynicism has gotetn us in the habit of saying “Yes, but…”So true The technology is the one to blame, it makes us lazy and mean.

      • Are people cynical? Or bitterly complacent? Lazy? Or living “lives of quiet despair?” I don’t think this is a new problem, we can always find something to blame, we can always CHOOSE to become lazy and mean, but the truth is that being lazy and mean doesn’t take any less energy than being happy and content or optimistic and successful. It isn’t that it takes more energy to be successful, it is that it takes a shift in focus, a transformation of belief. And THAT is a hard thing to accomplish.

  2. Your wsebite has to be the electronic Swiss army knife for this topic.

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